Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Proof That Some Kids Will Sleep Anywhere and a WIP Update

I took this pic the day before my darling little boy took a nosedive off the couch (note, the lack of stitches or scar). :-(( Yes, he is sleeping on a computer chair. He fell asleep watching his favorite show, Spongebob, or as he calls it, "bum-bob".

What am I knitting now? I started another diaper bag. This time I am using grape, the color the pattern calls for, and I have tweaked the pattern to make it the size I want it, which is a little bit smaller. I have so far frogged it three times. Wugh. So, I will post a pic when I'm a little closer to having one whole side finished. So far I only have four rows done. I've frogged at least ten times that.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Time for a couple random cat pictures!

Sometimes I think Merlin thinks he's a person instead of a cat.

What are you looking at?

Just chillin' in the boy's chair!

We Have a Diaper Bag

Even though it's a little bit lopsided, it's cute.



I still haven't figured out how I'm going to line the Neapolitan tote. I have some fabric that is quite a bit lighter than the cocoa color in the tote, so I am not sure if it will work. I've been to several fabric stores in search of a different color fabric with which to line it, but no luck finding anything I like just yet.

Most importantly:
Yesterday really sucked, especially for my son. He took a nosedive off the back of the couch (which, admittedly, he shouldn't have been standing on to begin with) into the coffee table. What happened: my boyfriend's two boys were using the small decorative pillows on the couch to bop each other with, and my little guy wanted in on the action, so he climbed up on the back of the couch (maybe he thought he was going to jump on one of them), and before I could tell him to get down, he had already fallen and was on the floor bleeding. :-(( It happened so fast.

So, after I applied pressure long enough to slow the bleeding from the downpour it started out as, we hopped in the car and took him to Urgent Care where he got three stitches. Poor little guy. He has two black eyes today and his nose is all swollen.

I'm glad that school starts soon for the kids because my son is a walking accident waiting to happen. About a month ago, he had to have his head stapled from falling off of a chair. Just a few days ago, he climbed on the kitty litter bucket and fell on it and ripped his chin open. Sigh. What am I going to do with this boy?

Showing off his Dora bandaid. Note the squirt gun, toy pliers, and recorder stuffed into the waistband of his pants. Pardon the shirt, he just finished eating fries with ketchup.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sundaes Neapolitan Coconuts

So, as I was knitting this bag, my boyfriend informed me that it looks like those Brach's candies that taste like coconut and are shaped like caramels. He is completely right. It looks just like these.

Before Felting

After Felting
(My son is being a kitty in case you're wondering why he is on all fours.)

I can't believe how much this bag shrunk down. Before felting, it was big enough for my son to use as a sleeping bag, and now it's the perfect size for a knitting tote. I need handles for it; I am probably going to buy the same nylon tape stuff I used for the tote bag I sewed. I am also going to line it and add some interfacing to help it stand up a little better; it's kind of floppy.

I started a diaper bag for my SIL. She's due to have a boy in November. My brother is so excited. I am making them this:

Sorry about the glare, it's a pic of a yarn label

One side is finished

As you can see, I've decided to use Berry Blue instead of Grape. The other color is Limelight. They are both Caron Simply Soft Brites. The pattern was on the label.

Friday, August 11, 2006

My Math Skills Need Some Work

A week or two ago I decided that I needed a new tote to carry my knitting cack around in. So, I designed one using the booga pattern as a starting point. I measured, counted out a striping pattern, and figured that three balls of yarn would do it. Luckily, I bought two balls of the chestnut brown, because I ran out of the first ball on my second brown stripe. (Last week's posting shows why that happened.) This is how far I got with the one ball of petal pink:

It's almost 24 inches long now

need 6 more rows to complete the stripe. :-( So, I call a few yarn stores in my neighborhood, and none of them carry it. One of them doesn't carry Patons Classic Wool at all.

Okay, I'm not freaking out yet.

I decide to just go to Meijer to pick up a ball since that's the first store I found it at (it's the same color that I used in my sil's bag), and figure that while I am there I can also pick up a couple cases of Mt. Dew because it's my boyfriend's drink of choice and on sale there this week. I then get my kids ready for a trip to the yarn store and begin look for my keys.

Meanwhile, my kids are completely clothed (the boy hates wearing clothes) and waiting on my front porch -- actually behaving themselves!! I call my boyfriend to see if he, by some small miracle, left the keys somewhere in the house after he used them yesterday, only to find out that they are in his pocket (he is at work).

So here I am, stuck at home with no car keys, no petal pink Patons Classic Wool, two kids, and an almost finished tote bag. *sigh* On a positive note, my boyfriend is picking the yarn up for me on his way home from work.

Today's lesson: Always grab an extra ball of each color, just in case.

Future WIP:
Despite my prior failed attempt at making the kittyville hat from Stitch n Bitch, I am going to try again. My daughter really wants one, so hopefully it turns out this time. Cross your fingers!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm going to cry

I have no pictures of the Kittyville hat to post because I screwed up the ears on it. Then, I tried to cut one ear off and accidentally cut a hole in the top of the hat. In a fit of rage, I threw the entire hat in the trash. On a positive note, I learned how to seed stitch.

I am trying another felted bag without a pattern. This one is loosely based on the booga bag, with my own striping pattern. I'm still trying to decide what kind of handle it should have. It should be twice (or more) the size of a normal booga bag and will hopefully replace my current "knitting bag", a bag from Bath & Body Works my mom bought me for my birthday two years ago. It was filled with warm vanilla and sugar scented body wash, body butter, lotion, and body spray.

I am using Patons Classic Wool in the following colors: chestnut brown, petal pink, and winter white. As you can see, I haven't gotten to the winter white, yet.