Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Few More Completed Sewing Projects

I haven't knit since I moved into the new apartment. I've had too many other projects to work on. This past weekend, I put together a set of bunkbeds and a kitchen table with four chairs. Today was a vacation day for me, but instead of relaxing like I wanted to, I finished two valances. Now none of the windows in my apartment are naked. :-)

The completed valance/curtain combo in my bedroom

The valance I made for the kids' room

The kitchen valance that I made a few weeks ago

A close up of the kids' valance: crayons!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Livingroom Pics

Just to make myself feel better, I took some pics of the livingroom I used to blog from and knit in. Then I took pics of my new livingroom, so I could compare them side-by-side. And, guess what? My new place is much cleaner and has less clutter.

Beloved knitting chair in old dark livingroom

Beloved knitting chair in new brighter and cleaner livingroom

The couch with a blanket that doesn't match and annoying pillows I left behind

Pillow and blanket free couch. Yes, I know that wrought iron thing is crooked. *twitches*

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nothing Craft Related

So, my ex took my daughter this weekend. While they were out and about, they stopped by his friend's farm and picked up pumpkins for the kids. And, he brought me some dang blasted gourds. What in the world am I going to do with three gourds?

I have no idea what that little thing in front of the pumpkins is, but I will most likely toss it out.

Of course, Merlin has to check them out.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Have Internet and an FO hore!

I finally have internet access. I called SBC this morning to let them know that I was pissed that I still didn't have a working phone line. The impressive part is that they sent somebody out within two hours. I almost fainted when he pulled into the parking lot and he was there for me! Lol. The line was unhooked at the box. He also fixed the jack that I pulled apart in a (lame) attempt to fix it.

Most importantly, this weekend I sewed without a pattern! I am so proud of myself. It didn't turn out that bad. I am making a valance for it, too. Now, I must go back to Field's to pick up another half yard of the fabric, though. I will post a pic of the finished product when I am done. Here's what it looks like so far:

The valance (not yet finished) is a goldish shiny fabric with black velvet swirls. I think it will go well with my bedroom decor.

Let us not forget the random cat pics:

I think they like the new apartment as much as my kids do. (Please ignore the black trashbag in the corner of the pic, it's full of stuff I need to donate.)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Am Almost Finished Unpacking

Yippeeee! However, my landline doesn't work, so I have to blog from work. And, I happened to forget that I can take pics, load them on to the laptop, transfer them to my jumpdrive, and post them at work where I do have internet. Sometimes I just don't think things all the way through. *sigh*

More good news: my kids and cats love the new apartment. I think we actually have more room than we did at what's-his-face's house, but only because there are 3 less people and no big, hairy, drooly dog.

Next week, I will try my hardest to remember to post some pics of the cats and the new apartment. And hopefully by then, I will have finished the purple bag (I bought more lime yarn and have been working on the straps).

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Freaked Out Today

I thought I lost my cats. (insert a crying emoticon here). They were nowhere to be found. I called them, searched the entire house, and then went to my neighbor's house. She helped me look for them. She and I both thought that my (not anymore) boyfriend let them loose because he hates them. I had the whole block searching for them. I even called him up to yell at him. I called him a liar. Then, forty minutes later, Ciatee finally heard me calling for her, and wandered into the livingroom looking all rumpled like she had been sleeping. UGH.

I felt bad, so I called him and apologized. No pics this entry because my digital camera is at my new apartment and I am not. I took the cats there, though. I don't want them to get lost again. I really freaked out. I will post pics of the new place as soon as I have it set up.