Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Kid Pics!

Only because I'm too lazy to type anything, or too tired, or something, I will just share some pics taken in the past few weeks. Took the kids to the lake:

Then to a pool party:

You sure they're empty?

Some random ones:

Downward dog?

No pictures please!

The boy being silly!

Doesn't she look so grown up?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Kids Agree

I recently discovered that banana bread made with gluten free flour is every bit as good as "regular" banana bread. I had to threaten the kiddos with being taped to the ceiling fan so they would save me the last two pieces. ;-) (keep in mind that I don't have a ceiling fan)

For some reason, the kids aren't eating bananas like they usually do:

Watery, eh?

My favorite loaf pan:




The baby got the second taste:

Not sure about this look, but she really did like it!

And, my tween eating a piece:

The boy was not interested in being in my blog, therefore, there are no pics of him eating his four pieces of banana bread. :-( He's been such a stinker lately!!!

And, finally, an lolbaby:

Oh nos! I calledz China!

Another Gluten Free Experiment

So far, all of the GF foods I've tried have been pretty good. I still haven't found any gf bread (and I will probably have to drive about 40 miles away to find any, evidence that small town life, while more relaxing, can be a PITA), so no sammiches for me! (I miss grilled cheese sandwhiches the most!)

I tried Ivory Teff wraps.

DO NOT eat them cold or at room temp. They are very dry when cold, and remind me of paper. They are, however, very good warmed up with hot fillings (beans, ground beef, cheese) and cold salsa, pico, and sour cream slathered on the top, a la burrito style.