Friday, September 19, 2008

Her First School Dance!

Alyssa's first school dance (middle school) was Friday night. She was so excited. We had lots of fun getting her ready. I helped her fix her hair, put a little bit of my bare mineral makeup on her, and helped her pick out her outfit. She wore my "crops", as my son calls them.

I had a spy inside the dance. My SIL helped chaperone.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some pics I took a couple weeks ago

I've been really busy the past week, with Alyssa starting school, deciding she wanted to join the cross country team, then changed her mind, and joined band instead. Well, luckily I don't have to pick her up from school every afternoon anymore. Especially with gas prices as high as they are.

Enough rambling. It's been over a week since my last entry, and tonight I am just going to post some pics of Anne Marie playing with a mirror my dh bought at a yardsale for $12 long before our little baby was thought of. She loves the mirror:

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Princess Mia is Six Months Old Today

She's been with us for half a year already. It doesn't seem like that long ago I was holding her and kissing her sweet baby cheeks for the first time.

Here she is, my big girl. She weighs 18lb 4oz.

She sits up on her own.

She's started eating solid foods

She plays with toys

She has an attitude now

And her brother thinks he's a "minja"

Our busy busy weekend

Friday, we took the kids to the local fair. I, like a silly butt, forgot to bring the camera. :-( We bought armbands for the kids for $20, and one for the husband so he could ride with my oldest. We let the 11 year old run off by herself (with her cousin, really) for a little while while we watched the boy ride rides in kiddie land.

As the boy was getting off of a ride, he fell. Really, the ride jock should have helped him off, since he's still pretty little (four and around forty pounds). He had a giant goose egg in the middle of his forehead. We took him to the first aid booth, and they recommended a trip to the ER to check for concussion. (Luckily, he is fine). So, that cut our night seriously short.

Here's his bump (taken last night), now just a bruise.

Saturday, we took the kids to the local high school pool for open swim from noon til two p.m., and then headed over to my mom's to pick tomatoes and visit for a bit. We brought home about twice the amount of fresh tomatoes as last time, plus some green beans. My dad also dug up some red potatoes to go in my beans. (Mia loves mashed taters!). I forgot to bring the camera along on Saturday, also. (Do we see a pattern, here?)

Sunday, we went back to the fair to ride some more rides and spend some time in my favorite part of the fair: the animal barns.

At the front gate, contemplating where to go first.

Turns out, horses love the boy. ;-)

Never mind my fingers in this one, look at the horse's face!

I love goats! The boy thinks they're cool, too.

Yum, boy fingers.

Sheep are okay in his book, too!

Sheep butts

Here is Alyssa, "kidding around". Apparently goats like hot cider.

Two of the kids in front of the big plastic pig

You can tell they are sisters:

A Percheron:

My favorite horse pic (I took quite a few): a pair of Haflinger mares

Ooooh! And a picture of me, taken by Alyssa! Okay, it's a little bit of me! Mostly the baby in the sling. lol. She was crying or sleeping shortly before this was snapped.

Alyssa took this one, too:

Sleeping in the sling:

Family Pic:

Family finger puppet portrait: