Sunday, April 26, 2009

Her First Oreo!

Actually, this was her second oreo, as evidenced by the accumulation of chocolate cookie already around her mouth! But, she had her first Oreo cookie today and she loved it, but boy did she make a mess!

ur doin it wrong! The creme is on the other side!

Oh so good I must close my eyes and savor this bite!

More please?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Exciting Night -- Complete with Pictures!

Tonight, for dinner, I made chicken and rice in the crockpot. I served it with garlic bread and corn. I gave the baby a bite of chicken (just a taste) when I was checking the rice, which she promptly spat on the floor! When I put her in the highchair, I skipped the chicken. She devoured the garlic bread and corn, and ate quite a bit of the rice, then decided the Tupperware bowl I served her dinner in made a very nice hat:

Needless to say, the "hat" made a bath a necessity. Because her big brother came in covered in mud and grass and he was so dirty it warranted an "emergency bath" even though dinner was ready, the kids' tub was nasty! I had to use my tub for her bath, and when I started the tub, I forgot that the water comes out much hotter than in their bathroom (IDK why, since my bathroom is further from the hot water heater).

I undressed her, carried her to the bathroom, took off her diaper, and checked the water temperature only to find that it was way too hot! So, there she stood in her birthday suit while I added cold water to the tub. All of the sudden, I feel her stomping around and splashing: she was playing in pee!!!! Ewwww.

After washing the rice out of her hair, I dressed her in a new outfit and her new "pretty shoes" (sandals I bought for her yesterday: the only way she will keep them on is if I compliment them).

We also got a new pet a couple of days ago. My son will tell you that Bones is "his snake".

Thanks to my cousin!

My sweet little angel has two new adorable dresses. One has blueberries on it, complete with matching kerchief. The other one is lime green w/pink flowers. Anne wasn't overly impressed, as it's long and impedes her crawling (she still isn't walking, even though she CAN). Nonetheless, the dress is very very cute. :-)

Thank you cousin Jess!

See, it makes crawling slightly more difficult:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute Kid Pic Alert!!!

Her bday present from my mom (note how she's on it backwards)!

Oh, how she hates her glasses! She has a new pair now (they're blue).

I let her eat mashed taters w/country gravy without assistance:

Don't ask me about the bow! I hid it so she'd stop wearing it...

I love mac n cheese -- especially in the middle of my forehead!

Note how calm the boy is while the baby flails and attempts to escape:

Coloring is hard work!

Today's pics were brought to you by sheer determination. My dipshit stbxh severed my camera cord and it took many tries to get the cord to work long enough to upload these pics!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Lookit what my little girl learned how to do!

She looks very proud, no?

That's a whole roll of TP!

A couple older pics of the kiddos:

Lately, he's been dressing himself: