Saturday, December 23, 2006

Shame on Me :-(

I am a bad blogger. I've been neglecting this in lieu of my myspace blog. Well, I guess if anybody wants to read about non-craft cack, visit my page: Some of my blogs are public, some are only for my friends, and a few are private.

So, about my crafty crap: I've finished the easy part of Kittyville take 2, I have the ears and earflaps/i-cord to finish. I have many sewing projects waiting to be completed. Actually, I've only cut out the fabric. And, then, the cat chewed on the pattern. So, hopefully I can finish it without that part. I have half of a dishcloth done, still haven't finished the purple bag, and haven't gotten much knit on the booga bag I started way back in August.

I have a month off from work, and I plan on finishing some projects in that time.