Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Kids Agree

I recently discovered that banana bread made with gluten free flour is every bit as good as "regular" banana bread. I had to threaten the kiddos with being taped to the ceiling fan so they would save me the last two pieces. ;-) (keep in mind that I don't have a ceiling fan)

For some reason, the kids aren't eating bananas like they usually do:

Watery, eh?

My favorite loaf pan:




The baby got the second taste:

Not sure about this look, but she really did like it!

And, my tween eating a piece:

The boy was not interested in being in my blog, therefore, there are no pics of him eating his four pieces of banana bread. :-( He's been such a stinker lately!!!

And, finally, an lolbaby:

Oh nos! I calledz China!


  1. OOO I want some!!!
    .. I have a ceiling fan you could borrow

  2. I'm making some more tomorrow! C'mon up/over to Michigan!

    You know what's funny, I've been using the ceiling fan threat as long as I can remember... and I don't think I've ever lived somewhere that had a ceiling fan. I'm sure my kids think I'm crazy! ;-)