Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Kill Flowers/Plants

Not on purpose! It just happens. I either underwater them, overwater and drown them, or I look at them wrong and they shrivel up and die. I've always had a problem keeping flowers and houseplants alive.

Ex-bf revisited planted some sunflowers for me in April (my b-day; sunflowers are my favorite). There were five of them, with a fake sunflower in the middle. Within a week, all five sunflower plants were dead. I didn't take pics of them, or I would post them, but trust me when I say I have a black thumb.

After they died (the pot makes a good ashtray!):

Another example of my gardening follies: The husband and I have been "working things out", and a few weeks ago he bought me some garden mums. They also died shortly after that.

Dead/dying Mums:

Fake flowers are the only kind I can keep alive!!!


  1. LOL. Same here. I can grow wild flowers-plants, but the second i try to nurture and grow something purposefully it dies. I tell myself that fake flowers are somehow more environmentally friendly -

  2. I have the cursed "black thumb" as well. It sucks because I'd really like to grow my own veggies. At least we know we can grow kids!