Monday, October 03, 2011

Blog Revival + Makeover

Ahoj! Now that I am nearly finished with my MBA (one final class; the Master's equivalent of a capstone), I have time to actually do what I want to do (and if the list includes my ex-boyfriend, that's my bidness, not yours. ha... I joke!). Aside from a 15 page paper, in which I will have to fabricate certain parts of it (might blog about that one later on, IDK what I was thinking), I have no more required writing assignments... and thus, have time to write for fun again. Yay!

I'm not even sure where to start! So much has happened, and I've been gone for so long... I'm getting a divorce (may as well start with the happiest news first, eh?) finally. It's been a long time coming, but those of you who know me outside this blog already knew that. And, for those who don't know me, well... let me just say it was bad. And not bad as in good, but bad as in I'd rather spork out my own eyes than live with the guy. Enough about him.

The most exciting things which have happened to me lately are MBA related. First, I somehow managed a 4.0 for my last class, which was Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis (and boy was it a doozy!). I had to learn to use a stats program called SPSS, in addition to writing a 20+ page qualitative study. And, of course, the text book for SPSS was not overly helpful. But, I had an excellent instructor, and that kind of made up for the crappy textbook. The class was, in my opinion, misnamed. It really should have been called simply "Quantitative Analysis", since I learned little about qualitative analysis through homework and reading assignments... but, again, having an excellent instructor made up for it (apparently, since I rec'd a 96 on my final paper).

Second, I spent 9 days in Western Europe - Prague and Brno, Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria - and fell in love... I would move somewhere near Brno, CZ in a heartbeat. The trip was a requirement of my MBA (called a "global experience"). It was pretty darn expensive, but well worth it. Yes, my new goal is to find a decent job in the Czech Republic, and though I wouldn't mind living in Austria, the cost of living is pretty high in Vienna... I first need to learn another language, and brush up my French, at least.

And, last but not least, I have been making soap for the past two years... I finally made a facebook page for it: Be sure to like my soap's page! Pics of Europe & kiddo updates will be posted very soon... it's time for a blog makeover, first though! Ciao!

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