Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Bah Feels Better, Other Good News, and a Complaint.

Well, the vinegar water mixture worked. Thrush is gone, thankfully. I was almost to the point of weaning because of it. It's all better now!

In other news, I finally got a job! I had an interview Friday and was hired on the spot. Granted, it's fast food, but we already spoke about working my way up in the company, since I have a degree in Business Administration... he was all for it. I have orientation Tuesday morning.

Complaint/whine: The transmission in my van went out Wednesday. This means I'm stuck with no vehicle until I get my student loan refund, which will take a couple of weeks. While Walmart is within walking distance of my apartment, it will be a giant pita to walk there with three kids and only a cheap umbrella stroller. I need a stroller with a basket!

DD1's self pic, too hilarious not to post:

The two younger kids were being so good
while I worked on homework last night:

The baby being silly (big sis took this pic):

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