Monday, June 29, 2009

Mystery Meat

I can't believe I forgot to post this!!! I took pictures for the express purpose of posting them on this blog! I guess I've been a little busy lately. Anyhow, on to the story of the "mystery meat".

Back in April, I ordered an Angel Food package. Generally, I just order the signature box. Most items in the signature box are pretty basic: meat, veggies, pasta, a 32oz container of shelf stable milk (which the boy absoulutely loves and will drink an entire container, room temperature, by himself), and other "normal" foods. This time, I decided, what the heck, to go ahead and order the "mother's Sunday dinner" box in addition to the signature box. It included a beef roast, a pork roast, and something called a "beef and vegetable loaf"! Umm, okay. So, once the other meat was gone, I thawed out the mystery loaf.

Still in the package:

I almost feel, IDK, almost blasphemous cooking this stuff in my pampered chef stoneware pan:

A closeup of the texture (you can see "vegetable" pieces, I think they were peppers):

Here it is cooked:

And plated up:

Overall, it wasn't horrible. It was salty and processed tasting. The texture was a bit odd, like everything had been pulverized before being smashed together into a brick. The baby really liked it, but she'll eat just about anything that doesn't have to be chewed, so I won't base its tastiness on her opinion. She still eats baby banana oatmeal mixed with vanilla yobaby, for goodness sake! It tasted best on whole wheat bread, with a slice of cheese, and slathered with ketchup. I wouldn't intentionally order it again.

And of course, I couldn't help but question why it was included in a box called "Mother's Sunday Dinner". What mother serves mystery loaf on Sunday? Peggy Bundy?

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