Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adventures in Eating Gluten Free

I won't bring up my bowels again while discussing why I went gluten free a month or so ago... but, I will tell you that I use way less toilet paper now than I did before. ^_~

I gave up pasta, breads, cookies, and cake, and didn't replace them with anything else. So, I've lost a little weight (about ten pounds), which is good, but I found myself craving sandwiches and pasta, especially spaghetti. When I was at Mejer a week or so ago, I discovered their little section of gluten free products. Spaghetti noodles were "on sale" $3 for a 10oz box. So, I bought two. I also bought Ivory Teff wraps in the hopes that I could satisfy my sandwich craving.

$3 spaghetti noodles:

Last week, the kids (younger two, as the oldest was visiting her father) and I tried spaghetti made with organic brown rice. It was different, but very good!

It cooked much like regular spaghetti:

Well, except the water became rather milky (I wonder if this is how rice milk is made?):

Drain just like regular pasta:

Interesting milky stuff in the bottom of the sink:

Looks like regular past:

Holds sauce well like regular pasta:

The kids agree, it's good stuff!

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  1. I wish I could loose weight. Only 3 lbs so far.